Help where it is most needed…

…that is what Hulza ( Stichting Hulpverlening Zuidoost Azië) stands for…

Hulza is a private foundation, established in 1998 by Monique Smiers. The initiative began with the support for a obstetric clinic in Hoi An town, Quang Nam province in Central Vietnam. To help them provide better service, we collected needed material, such as medical instruments, medicines and blankets.

Hulza supports many schools in and around Hoi An, providing goods such as teaching/learning materials and uniforms for children. It also supported a local Red Cross home for disabled and elderly people. In cooperation with the Women’s Union, poor families in rural areas and fishing villages received help, for example through food parcels, blankets and mosquito nets.

In addition to the support in and around Hoi An, the foundation aims to help other disadvantaged groups, such as those in Tây Giang district in Quang Nam province. During the past three years, many schools in this remote district received goods, and that support will be expanded in the coming years.

Hulza makes a difference by contributing to better living and learning conditions for many people in need.

The foundation is funded mainly by donations.

Cady Primary SchoolThe foundation is characterized by its small size; our projects are concrete, quickly implemented, and provide direct support. We want to do this in an effective and cost-saving manner, so that all available funds are used for materials and financing of projects for the people in Hoi An and the region. That is what the donors expect from their donations!